Familiarize Account Settings

Your Account Settings are useful for building and reviewing your account! Listed below are highlights to look out for:

My Account: Modify Address Book Entries

Add your current address to be an option for selection during checkout. If you set an address to be default, the address will be automatically selected during checkout.

My Account: My Support Requests

View your submitted support requests, and track the progress of each request.

My Account: View/Modify Payment Methods

Save payment methods to use during checkout. You can view your saved payment methods, with the ability to delete or set to default. If a payment method is set to default, it will automatically be selected during checkout.

My Orders: Downloads

When you purchase a coloring sheet, you will now be able to view/download the file from Account > Downloads section

My Extras: Your BJM Deals

Customers have been granted coupons over the past year, which no longer require codes. These are now BJM Deals. Linked directly to your account, Deals can now be viewed, used, and tracked. When a customer has a BJM Deal, it will now appear as an option in your Shopping Cart

My Extras: View your Cart Passes

Although the Cart Pass system is still evolving, you will have the ability to track how many cart passes you have, and have used.

My Extras: Your BJM Points

BJM Points is an exciting new feature, allowing customers to accumulate points to buy BJM products with! More information about BJM Points to come..