Submit a Support Request

Using Email for our support has been useful in getting us this far, but the process can be better! Our new customer support option, Submit a Request, will introduce an organized and streamlined environment.

You have the ability to:

  • Submit a Support Request right from the website

  • View all submitted requests

  • Track any support requests

    • BJM Support will give updates, which can be viewed in your Account settings

If further information is needed to complete a request, we will contact you with the email listed in the support request. Customers still have the option to submit requests to; although these won’t be trackable in your account settings!

Submitting a Request

  1. Log into your account

    1. Only signed in customers can submit a request

  2. Go to Submit a Request

    1. The link is listed in Support, as well as the website footer.

Support Request Form

  • Customer Information

    • Autofills from your account information

    • Can be modified

  • Request Information

    • Reason

      • Select the reason for the request

      • Use ‘Other’ if the reason for your request is not listed

    • Request Details

      • Let the team know how we can assist you in your request