Support Request Policy


Button Jar Monsters® is here to help your customer experience where our reach is manageable! With situations that are within our control, our team will work diligently in assisting our customer's needs. Customers will be able to view their sent requests in their Account Settings > Support Requests. Upon viewing a Support Request in the Account Settings, customers will be able to view the updates given by the BJM team in the Request History. You may be notified, per your Support History, when a status has been changed, although we are not required to give comments with a status update.

Unfortunately, there may be cases that are out of our control, or conflict with our Policies or Terms and Conditions, of which our team will mark the Support Request as "Closed". Our team will not be required to respond to emails or messages disputing the details of a "Closed" status, although we will be thorough in our reasoning.

Due to the volume fluctuation of our requests, our response time in addressing support requests may vary. We prioritize Support Requests by date, as well as the urgency of the request, at the discretion of our team.

There will be conditions in which our team may need more details in order to proceed with a request, at which time a BJM team member will reach out, using the email listed on the request. If no response is given within 7 days, we will be forced to close the request. In this event, customers will always be able to open new requests once they are ready to proceed.

If duplicate requests are open for a customer, BJM reserves the right to close one of the duplicates.

Address Update

A customer has the option to update the shipping address on an order purchased by the same customer. A member of the BJM team will be able to proceed with fulfilling an Address Update request as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The order(s) has not yet shipped from BJM

  • The customer requesting the address change is also the customer listed on the order

  • The address update is not to replace the customer on the order. For example, with a cart buddy

Situations that are acceptable for the shipping address to be updated are when 1) A customer has moved since placing the order 2) Browser/Payment platform’s Auto-fill feature have placed incorrect data into the address fields

Customers can present situations not listed above, but BJM reserves the right to determine whether or not an address update request is valid.

Missing Item

Sometimes, multiple items on a single order will have different Turnaround Times. This will cause an order to be partially shipped. If an order is marked as shipped, but an Item has not been delivered for an order, then the customer will have a right to receive the item missing from the purchased order.

Website Issues

We absolutely need to know if an intended feature of the website is not working or experiencing glitches. Once we have been made aware of an issue, our team will begin working on the solution, immediately. If multiple issues have been established, our team will prioritize based on urgency.

Feature Request

We encourage customers to present any ideas or preferences that they would like to be implemented to our website. Feature Requests are immediately marked as Complete, as they are added to our records for our Technology department to review. Submitting a Feature request does not guarantee the feature to be implemented, but does help our team know what our customers are wanting added to our platform.


We will allow general support inquiries to be made anytime. Our team will work diligently to resolve any issues within our control and reason 

Lack of Respect/Use of Profanity

Use of profanity, disrespect, and threats directed towards our customer service representatives will NOT BE TOLERATED. If any of the above are used, accounts are subject to be canceled and customers can be permanently banned. Threats may result in Legal action. BJM holds safety measures for both customers and team members.

We appreciate the opportunity to help make Button Jar Monsters the best experience for you!

Support Request Policy, Button Jar Monsters® 2021