Terms & Conditions


The Button Jar Monsters website is an exciting experience for customers to embark on the new BJM platform. Customers will be able to shop and purchase the beloved BJMs; as well as engage in new features constantly being developed and maintained by the BJM technical team. 


Customers are not required to have an account to have the BJM website experience. Creating an account will allow our technical team to improve how you engage in the BJM platform.

Some features of the website will be limited to customers that have an account, although customers are not required to have an account to purchase products. Customer specific information will be provided primarily in the Account Settings. Customers will only be able to view their own account information.

BJM Products

Handmade Creations

With every BJM being individually handmade by a Button Jar Monsters seamstress, each BJM will be unique. Although we have set BJM creations (Line Items), such as our “Journey” or “Bob The Blob”, there are attributes that are always subject to be unique. We have created a list of these attributes below:

  • Face shape

  • Facial expressions

  • Facial Additions:

    • Example: Freckles, Teeth, etc.

  • Body Additions:

    • Example: Horns, Poofs, Crowns, etc.

  • Face Chin Folds (Butt Chins)

  • Face/Body Stitching

  • Body Shape

  • Tag placement 

The length of a BJM may vary by one inch from the length stated in the product description.

Mystery Line Items

Mystery BJM’s are a fun way to receive new combinations of the handmade BJMs you love. These BJMs are sent to customers at random, and unbiased. Customers purchasing a mystery line item are agreeing to accept a mystery combination of the attributes listed below:

  • Color Combinations: Face, Body, Additions

  • Facial Additions: Quantity and Placement. 

    • Example: Freckles, Teeth, etc.

  • Body Additions: Quantity and Placement

    • Example: Horns, Poofs, Crowns, etc.

Attributes will either be decided by Jessica Johnson, or a seamstress chosen and trusted to do so by Jessica Johnson. The seamstress designing the Mystery BJM may not be listed on the item, furthering the mysterious conditions.

Mystery items will not meet the qualifications for a return or refund, based on the sole reason of customer dissatisfaction with the Mystery BJM design. Agreeing to these Terms, is accepting the Mystery BJM design as it arrives. Please see our Refund and Return Policy to see if the item meets further requirements.hold limit is a fluid

Cart Requirements

In order to maintain balance between stock availability and production volume; there is a maximum cart hold limit of 7 items. The hold limit is fluid, able to be updated at anytime. Verify variable in the Terms and Conditions, or with a BJM Support Member


Customers will be notified via email, and their Account Settings > Order History, once an order has been shipped

Shipping Provider not Scanning Shipments

If a shipping provider has not scanned the shipment tracking number upon arrival, then these packages will not appear to be in route, according to the tracking status. These situations are out of the control of Button Jar Monsters. Please refer to the Shipment Notification Email as to the date of the shipment or Order History > Order > History for tracking. 

Lost or Missing Shipments

  • Lost with no Scan

    • If after 30 days, there is no movement on the shipment, resulting in a Pre Shipment status, we will have to determine the shipment lost. This type of lost shipment will have the immediate option of a refund or replacement

  • Lost with Scan

    • Items that are scanned by the Shipping Provider, but have shown no movement within 30 of the initiation of a status, will be determined as lost. Customers will be urged to file a claim with the Shipping Provider, prior to the possibility of a refund or replacement being offered

  • Lost After Delivery

    • If the tracking number shows a "Delivered" status, but the customer did not receive the item, the customer will have to file a claim with the shipping provider. Button Jar Monsters is not responsible for stolen packages.


www.buttonjarmonsters.com utilizes Stripe services for saved cards. Customers also have the ability to use PayPal Ecommerce for the purchase of BJM products. BJM uses the safety procedures in place by the Payment service. If an error occurs during the checkout process, it will be originating from the Payment service used during checkout. Errors can be caused by a variety of reasons. If an error occurs without specification, or further details are being questioned, please contact the payment service provider or the BJM support team. If the BJM support team determines the error is originating from the Payment service, we will guide customers to the Payment service’s support.


The website for Button Jar Monsters will utilize Google Advertising services for our advertisements. Please refer to Google’s Advertisement policy for the ads you are seeing.

Button Jar Monsters will also feature advertisements that are picked by our marketing team. These ads will not be based on 3rd algorithms, but rather placed by the BJM team. 

Terms and Conditions, Button Jar Monsters® 2022