Next Drop Is November 13th, 5pm central time

Previous Drop Information

This page is the go-to place to look up the turn around time, expected ship dates, and information on all previous drops! If there are changes they will be updated and added to this page!

May 29th Anything Goes, Giants, Hounds, Noodles: Anything Goes Still In Production (we have a ship date by the end of October)

June 26th/June 27th Invitation Drop, Sneaky Listings Drop: In production! The BJM Team is working on these orders s quickly as we can, and have a shipping date set for all orders to be our by the end of October, if not sooner. Please email if you have any further questions

July 10th Noodles+Hounds+Juice Bots:In Production 

July 24th Invitation Drop: Expected Ship Dates (adjusted): In production 

August 7th Bears+Friends (RTS/Preorder Drop) RTS Bears Shipping Completed. Micros and Tigs  Shipping Completed. Preorder items experiencing a delay

August 21st BJM Goes Spooky (RTS/Preorder) RTS Items: Completed. Frankenbuddy Preorders Expected To Ship Date: Sept 21 through Sept 25th (Due to short staff final shipdate is pushed back to October 3rd) Preorder Ship Dates: November 9th through November 21st

August 28th Invitation Drop: Expected Shipping Dates: November 16th through November 21st

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