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Love You Lots, Moon


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Measuring at roughly 9 inches tall, Moon is weighted in the tummy for extra squishable love!!!

Playtime can be messy and these loveys are perfectly safe to send through the washing machine (though tossing into a pillow case to prevent any matting is recommended!). Due to the nature of the fabric I do recommend air drying to prevent that wonderful fur from tangling and matting up!
Safety is so important with our little ones which is why I am so proud to say that all of my dolls are registered and meet the Child Safety Comission guidelines.

Play time can be quiet and gentle and also rough and wild, and as a mother of children who can put their toys through some serious rough play, I make every doll as if it were my own children playing with them

Made with
100% polyester
100% cotton
Also has been filled with polyfil stuffing and pollypellets (weighted beads)
Made in the USA