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Tiny Mummy


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This item is also a weighted product and is filled with regular polystuffing as well as weighted polly pellets

Handmade with love, each monster is slightly unique from the next, making them a truly special and unique toy! The faces are carefully embroidered by hand and machine sewn on!

Measuring at roughly 4-6 inches of snuggly fun!

Playtime can be messy and these loveys are perfectly safe to send through the washing machine (though tossing into a pillow case to prevent any matting is recommended!). Due to the nature of the fabric I do recommend air drying to prevent that wonderful fur from tangling and matting up!

Play time can be quiet and gentle and also rough and wild, and as a mother of children who can put their toys through some serious rough play, I make every doll as if it were my own children playing with them

Made with
100% polyester
100% cotton
Stuffed with
Polly Pellets
Made in the USA