About Me

Button Jar Monsters is a little dream of mine that first came to be in 2017, when I created the first two monsters for my kiddos!

I've always been a creative person, having dabbled in painting, sketching, graphic design, sculpting and sewing! With BJM, I am able to do all of those things while working under the same dream, and to me, that is amazing!

I knew I had found something that, not only fed my soul, but fueled my imagination! So in 2017, after those wonky monsters were born, I knew I needed to make more! Somehow, it's present day and I am sewing up monsters for littles all over the world!

Button Jar Monsters® has always been about creating a snuggly toy to help fuel imaginative play, while also offering support and comfort when it's not playtime. I also take so much pride in knowing that each doll is totally unique from the next, meaning every Button Jar Monster is just as special and unique as our little ones!